Coconut Development Board Celebrated Coconut Day at Srikakulam, Andhra Pradesh

Coconut Development Board State Centre, Hyderabad and DSP Farm Vegiwada jointly celebrated World Coconut Day in Andhra Pradesh at Krishi Vignan Kenra, Amdalavalasa, Srikakulam District. The focus theme of the day was "Formation of Coconut Producers Society” (CPS) & “Friends of Coconut Tree” (FoCT). for the development of coconut cultivation and industry in Andhra Pradesh. About 150 coconut farmers representing the major coconut growing districts of Andhra Pradesh attended the meeting. Shri Saurabh Gaur, IAS, District Collector, Srikakulam inaugurated the programme. In his inaugural address he promised all help to the Board in the formation of CPS & FoCT in Srikakulam and also motivated the coconut farmers to get united under CPS and reap the benefits by improving production, productivity of coconut and venturing into product and by product utilization and effective and collective marketing.

Shri Saurabh Gaur, IAS, District Collector, Srikakulam has also planted a coconut seedling in the KVK, Amadalavalasa campus in commemoration of the World Coconut Day -2012

Dr. Srinivasalu, Registrar, Dr. YSR Horticultural University, Andhra Pradesh presided over the function. In his presidential address he emphasized the need to formulate a plan of action for the formation of CPS and FoCT in tandem with prevailing system in Andhra Pradesh. The shields for the winners of Essay competitions on Coconut conducted through Dr Y S R Horticulture University were also presented to the Registrar, Dr. YSR Hort. University during the occasion.

A booklet named “Management Practices in Coconut” prepared by K V K Amadalavalasa , Srikakulam and a Pamphlet on coconut prepared by All India Coordinated Research Projects (Palms) through HRS Ambajipeta were also released by the District Collector during the function.

Shri K. R Kuttikrishnan, Dy Director, CDB welcomed the gathering and made a presentation regarding the CPS. Shri Pramod P Kurian, Technical Officer, CDB made a presentation on FoCT. Dr M. Venku Naidu, Associate Dean of Agricultural College, Naira, Dr P Jamuna, Programme Coordinator, KVK, Amdalavalasa , Dr G Ramanandam, Principal Scientist (Hort), HRS Ambajipeta, Dr Ram Mohan, DDH, Govt. of AP and Dr S Muralikrishnan, JDA, Srikakulam also spoke during the occasion. After the presentation of the focus themes the following suggestions were evolved out of the discussion with the farmers.

  • The responsibility of the office bearers of the CPS shall be clearly spelt out in the by-law.
  • Office bearers of the political parties shall not be allowed to occupy the official positions in CPS, Federation and Producers Company.
  • The Insurance for the palm climbers (FoCT) shall be continued through the CPS.
  • The Palm Insurance scheme shall be implemented through CPS.
  • Once the CPS is formed the CDB schemes in that locality shall be implemented through the respective CPS.
  • A training programme on the product and by product utilization of coconut shall be arranged for the CPS representatives to plan processing activities effectively.
  • Possibility of Income Tax exemption for the donation made to the CPS shall be explored.

The officials form the Department of Horticulture, Govt of AP and HRS Ambajipeta also attended the meeting and actively participated in the discussion. Shri E Aravazhi, Assistant Director, CDB,DSP Farm, Vegiwada proposed vote of thanks.

Exhibition shows causing various charts /posters on processing and other aspects on coconut were also displayed. Many value added coconut products and handicrafts items also displayed in the exhibition which was well appreciated by the District Collector and others.

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