Hosted Date : 03.07.2012

Details of the meeting

COCOTECH is the permanent panel on coconut technology of the APCC. This gathering of coconut development workers, researchers, farmers, processors, importers, exporters and government policy makers in APCC member countries is held once every two years. It is a venue for the exchange of ideas on new technologies, processes, products, market trends and prospects, related to the coconut industry. The COCOTECH Meeting is open to interested individuals from the government and private sectors of the coconut industry worldwide.

APCC Ex. Director Romulo N Arancon calls for concerted efforts to ensure food security

Asian and Pacific Coconut Community (APCC) Executed Director, Mr. Romulo N. Arancon has called upon all countries, especially the developing nation in Asia and pacific region to make concerted efforts to ensure food security and nutrition by raising agricultural productivity and alleviating poverty.

“We must focus on technologies, good agricultural practices to boost productivity to major food crops. In the coconut sector, there is a need to increase productivity with a strong advocacy for a systematic, well-funded coconut replanting programe, to replace senile palms”, he said while inaugurating the 45th COCOTECH Meeting here today. The meeting was inaugurated by Mr K V Thomas, Minister of State for Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution, Government of India.

The key objectives are to increase coconut yields and farm productivity, enable the farmers to produce nutritious food for their families, raise farm family income, improve market access and support agri-business.

Mr Arancon said growth in the coconut sector must be inclusive and should ensure that all the stakeholders, especially the smallholder-farmers and their families reap the benefits of its growth through capacity building, appropriate technologies, better prices, market access, efficient marketing schemes, higher income, enhanced food security and improved nutrition. There is a need to develop capacity and enhance the knowledge and skills of the coconut farmers and small/medium-scale entrepreneurs. Appropriate technical support and participatory development policies and programs must be designed and implemented for the benefit of all stakeholders.

More than 200 delegates from 18 member countries are attending the 5-day meet

It has been exactly 12 years now since the Government of India has hosted the COCOTECH meeting in Chennai in 2000. The APCC Secretariat is based in Jakartha, Indonesia.