Hosted Date : 04.07.2012


COCOTECH is the permanent panel on coconut technology of the APCC. This gathering of coconut development workers, researchers, farmers, processors, importers, exporters and government policy makers in APCC member countries is held once every two years. It is a venue for the exchange of ideas on new technologies, processes, products, market trends and prospects, related to the coconut industry. The COCOTECH Meeting is open to interested individuals from the government and private sectors of the coconut industry worldwide.

Coconut is slowly climbing back into the American diet where its perception as a whole food was gaining popularity.

Kochi, July 4::Mr John Trucker, Director of "So Delicious Dairy Free", an American company dealing in Coconut based foods in the United States, during his presentation at the 45th COCONUT meeting which is underway here, said that coconut was emerging fromt he negative l backlash of the 1980s when it was wrongly vilified as a leading cause of the heart disease. Now decades later that perception has changed and coconut products were gaining popularity in America. He also discussed the hiisotrical and projected growth trends ind airy free food and coconut based food.

He said as health and wellness continue to play a strong role in the American diet, the consumer demands were shifted. and the trends represent a double edged sword for coconut based foods due to several factors such as past perceptions linger, the strong link between saturated fats and heart disease and a weak body of evidence supporting the emerging perception of coconut as a health food. He presented insights as to the strong sustraininability halo that surrounds coconuts. He also provided data compiled from a company sponsored third party life style cycle analysiss which assessed the environmental impact of coconut farming and processing as compared to dairy,soy and almond.His company was founde din 1987 and is headquartered in Springfield, Oregon.

Interestingly, American representatives of the beverage giant Coca Cola have sought the support of Coconut Development Board for manufacturing tender coconut concentrate. They have also evinced keen interest in buying private units set up witgh the CDB aid in various states that produce tender coconut water products. This comes at a time when the Board is trying to tap the potential of tender coconut water through different sources.

Coconut sugar export from Philipines has grown from 11,200 kilos in 2009 to 36,310 kilos in 2010 and exponentially to 70,000 kilos in 2011, with the list of importing countries spreading from Japan and the US in 2009 to the Middle East, Asia, and Europe last year. Virgin coconut oil is the other product exported from Philippines, she said.

According to a top CDB official, the entry of the beverage giant will boost the industry and help Board efforts to create a better marfket for the coconut farmers in the country. People who have never ussed tender coconuts have started finding its benefits and this wouldboost the morale of the cocnut prodcuing famers in the country, he added.

The CDB has given financial assistance to ten units which process tender coconut water in the country- four in Tamil Nadu, three in Karnataka, two in Andhra Pradesh and one in Gujarat. The cost of these unitd vary from Rs 75 lakhs to three crores and each unit processes around 10,000 cocunts per day.