Hosted Date : 02.07.2012


COCOTECH is the permanent panel on coconut technology of the APCC. This gathering of coconut development workers, researchers, farmers, processors, importers, exporters and government policy makers in APCC member countries is held once every two years. It is a venue for the exchange of ideas on new technologies, processes, products, market trends and prospects, related to the coconut industry. The COCOTECH Meeting is open to interested individuals from the government and private sectors of the coconut industry worldwide.

Abstract of Speech by Mr K V Thomas
Union Minister of State for Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution

Inaugurating the conference, Union Minister of State for Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution , Mr K V Thomas, stressed the need for bringing coconut in its varied form of fresh kernel, milk, milk powder, desiccated coconut powder and ball copra as part of diet.. This would help eliminate malnutrition and under-nourishment prevalent among the lower strata of the society.

He said Kerala has always been considered as the land of coconut and it is quite apt that Kochi has been chosen as the venue of the COCOTECH meet. Coconut is a crop of great economic importance to the country with the livelihood of millions of our people dependant on the efficient growth of this agricultural sector. In this context, he underlined the need for consolidation of farmers at ground level and encouraging them for adoption of integrated management practices, adding that farm level processing is the need of the hour for solving many precarious issues haunting the coconut industry.

Noting that there has been a perceptible growth in production and productivity of coconut in the country which is contributed by the organized developmental activities initiated by the Coconut Development Board,t he minister said the Board has chalked out ambitious programmes for encouraging the manufacture of various coconut products. The emphasis given by the Board on evolving technologies for the development of new value added products with those of other leading countries like Philippines, Sri Lanka and Indonesia has yielded results.

Calling upon the coconut producing countries to try to bring in structural change in the planting pattern giving more importance to dwarf and hybrid varieties as well as consumption pattern of coconut, he said it is absolutely essential that we keep ourselves abreast of the latest developments taking place in the agricultural sector through technological innovations.

The conference, with the theme “ Inclusive Growth and Sustained Development of the Coconut Industry” is taking place in India after a gap of 12 years. The meeting will cover a comprehensive range of technical sessions and topics on the success stories of model coconut farmers and small to medium-scale coconut processors. Experts from the scientific field and the corporate sector are also attending the conference which will also discuss issues and topics relating to financial crisis, climate change as well as carbon credit market.