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New Guidelines for Market Promotional activities under Technology Mission



The Committee approved the following detailed “additional guidelines” for extending assistance for various Market Promotional activities, without deviating from the approved EFC norms.


A. Generic Promotion

The Committee approved the suggestion that Erection of hoardings in important public places/ Metro Cities to promote generic promotion shall be undertaken by the Board with 100% assistance from TMOC. The committee further decided that private entrepreneur need not be supported for erecting hoarding for the market promotion.


B. Brand Promotion

  1. The Committee approved that Financial assistance shall be limited to those products / firms which confirm to quality standards viz. BIS / AGMARK / FPO (which ever is applicable). Before extending assistance, quality of the product needs to be ensured. Suitable quality Report shall be obtained for quality norms.
  2. At any time any manufacturer introduces a new coconut product, assistance can be extended to such products for creating consumer awareness and demand. However, same product of a manufacturer with a different brand name should not be considered for grant of assistance. The Committee approved the assistance for consecutive 3-year period for a new unit / new product limited to a maximum amount of Rs. 10.00 lakh.


C. Pattern of Assistance


  1. Assistance may be split in such a way, that it does not exceed 10% of sales turn over during 1st year, 7% during 2nd year and 5% during 3rd year.
  2. There is no change in the quantum of financial assistance. However, financial assistance under each component shall not exceed the amount shown below against each of these items subjected to over all ceiling of Rs. 10 lakhs
Component Scale of assistance

Brand publicity through Electronic and Print Media.

50% of the Expenditure incurred limited to Rs. 5.00 lakh

Parlours, Kiosks, Ware house, etc.

50% of the expenditure incurred limited to Rs.2.00 lakh

Undertaking activities like buyer-seller meet, exchange of delegations, Participation of Exhibitions / Fairs / Melas etc.

50% of the expenditure incurred limited to Rs.1.00 lakh

Printing of Leaflets, Pamphlets, Brochures, Posters, etc.

50% of the expenditure incurred limited to Rs.2.00 lakh

Developing / hiring of display facilities in major food chain market for a minimum period of 3 years

50% of the expenditure incurred limited to Rs.1.00 lakh

Development of Website.

50% of the expenditure incurred limited to Rs.1.00 lakh

Display of coconut products at Air Ports / Railway Stations

50% of expenditure incurred limited to Rs.1.00 lakh.

3) No assistance shall be extended to purchase of vehicle under Market Promotion.



4. General Condition


  1. As far as possible assistance shall be extended to only manufactures. Assistance shall be extended to the Institution / firm directly under intimation to the Financial Institutions like lending bank etc. wherever, applicable.
  2. Assistance should be made on reimbursement basis only and that too after verifying the bills/ Vouchers submitted in support of the claim. The TAN Number of the firm and PAN Number of the agency through which the marketing activity is undertaken shall be shown in their Bills.
  3. Utilization Certificate in Form GFR 19-A (Annexure-XI) shall be furnished to the Board by the Institutions / firms availing financial assistance from the Board.

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